Practice and specialization

It is important to know that: Specialization in specific areas of law enables us to focus our practice on what we are best at.


    Many years of experience of our specialists make it possible to pay attention to such things, which at first glance may not seem important. However, we always pay attention to all the details of our trusted case and work out unique and effective methods of solving your problems. And the constant monitoring of the case law gives an opportunity to always provide actual and real consultations on certain issues, which are not only in theory, but also worked out in practice and law enforcement.

Commercial, Corporate

and Tax Law



  Are you an individual and want to start a business and / or become a founder of a legal entity, a public organization or an entrepreneur? We will provide legal assistance with registration and the necessary steps. And if you are already an owner, manager of an enterprise or a natural person-entrepreneur and you have questions in the field of law concerning commercial and economic activity, including disputes with other entities, state authorities and local self-government, as well as with others subjects of economic relations. Existing tax law issues, or are there any tax disputes? Then our Lawyers will help you.

"LEX LEGION" Law Firm provides the following services in the field of business and corporate law:

Civil, Family Law,

Labor and Copyright


Includes - personal non-property rights of an individual, property rights and other property rights, obligations, family law, labor law and intellectual property rights. As part of legal science, civil law studies the laws of civil law regulation of social relations, the history of its formation and development, and develops ways of its further improvement.

"LEX LEGION" Law Firm provides the following services in the field of civil law:

Criminal Law and Business Security


Anyone may become a party to criminal proceedings as a victim, suspect, accused or witness. Therefore, it is important to know your rights, and to do this, it is appropriate to use the legal assistance of a lawyer, not to be in a negative situation and to know how to act depending on the specific circumstances of a particular criminal case.

"LEX LEGION" Law Firm provides the following services in the field of criminal law and process:

Protection of suspects, accused, convicted persons, representation of the victims' interests at any stage of criminal proceedings, namely providing oral and written consultations, drafting of legal documents, representing the client's interests in law enforcement and judicial bodies.

Protection of the suspect during the pre-trial investigation.

Defense of the accused during the trial at first instance.

Protection of the suspect accused in the course of court proceedings in the court of appeal.

Protection of the suspect, accused, convicted person, acquitted during the court proceedings in the court of cassation. 

Protection of the suspect, accused, convicted person, acquitted in the course of criminal proceedings in the newly discovered circumstances.

Protection of the witness's rights and interests in the course of criminal proceedings.

Representation of the victim's interests in criminal proceedings.

Protecting the rights and interests of convicts while executing and serving criminal sentences.

Administrative Law

and Administrative Offenses


You have a dispute and your rights have been violated by a subject of authority, you need to appeal against a wrongful decision of a state authority or local government or you have been fined for an alleged administrative offense, then you will be here to help us, our specialists will gladly assist you and provide you legal assistance in the area of ​​Administrative Law and Administrative Proceedings.

"LEX LEGION" Law Firm provides the following services in the field of administrative law and process:

Representing a client in public-law litigation and defending administrative cases, namely:

Providing verbal and written consultations, appealing against decisions, actions (inaction) of the authorities and local self-government bodies, their officials and officials.

Representation of client's interests in courts.

Appeal against decisions on administrative offenses.

Recognition of unlawful actions by law enforcement agencies.

Appeal against the decision, actions and inaction of the authorities.

Appeal against the protocol of an administrative offense.

Other types of legal assistance and legal services in the field of administrative law.


Separation of property of the couple.

Alimony, additional expenses for the child. Increasing or decreasing the amount of alimony.

Alimony debt collection.

Determining the child's place of residence.

Deprivation of parental rights.

Parental rights renewal.

Adoption, contestation and recognition of paternity.

Labor disputes.

Registration of trademarks, utility models and know-how.

Protecting intellectual property rights and copyright  in court.

Debt Collection. Inheritance.

Recognition and termination of ownership Consumer protection.

Compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage.

Recognition of the contract as a void transaction, recognition of the contract concluded, termination of the contract.

Separation of joint ownership, division of partial ownership in kind, establishment of the order of use of property.

Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.

Credit disputes.

Establishing Facts of Legal Importance.

Claiming property from someone else's unlawful possession of other disputes in the field of civil law.

Analysis and drafting of all types of business agreements, contracts and contracts.

Representation in courts of all levels, on all matters arising in the course of business.

Support and consultation of the enterprise on any questions on conducting business activities.

Providing written advice, including the development of necessary procedural documents.

Representation of the enterprise interests in any institutions, enterprises, organizations, as well as state authorities and local self-government bodies.

Other business law and process services.

Services for state registration of legal entities, entrepreneurs and public entities.

Preparation of constituent documents of a legal entity (statute, minutes of constituent assembly, protocol of property valuation, etc.).

Registration of an enterprise, association of citizens, public organization, condominiums, individual entrepreneur and more.

Advising on the choice of tax system and filing for the selected tax system.

Full legal support of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and public entities during their activity.

Other services in the field of corporate registration and corporate law.


Legal analysis of documents and preparation of legal opinion on taxation issues.

Development of legal position on tax disputes and in court cases with tax authorities.

Drawing up and filing of a claim for tax dispute (cassation appeal, appeal, appeal) and other documents of legal nature.

Appeal against tax notices-decisions, actions of officials in higher tax authorities and in courts.

Representing a client in a tax litigation.